My Car Centre App

My Car Centre is the new Compass Claims App and is a one stop application for all your car requirements. A secure app that enables you to store all the relevant information for your car, lodge an accident at the scene complete with colour images and fire off a request to an accident assist line for immediate help. The package enables you to book your vehicle in for service with your preferred supplier and have reminders pop up when items like insurance are about to expire, or a service is due. You will never have to remember anything again about your vehicle.


Book & Apply

Booking a service with your selected venue and use Compass Claims to request a replacement vehicle for the duration.



Service History

Review your service history on your chosen vehicles and the associated costs for each.



Help When You Need It

Report an accident, receive immediate help and a replacement vehicle, along with towing to your preferred repairer.



Store Your Information – Securely

Store all your relevant information and vital car documents safe and securely with a pin encrypted data room.




Set reminders for key dates and when your vehicle related items expire, such as driving licence, rego papers and insurance.



Find Local Repairers

Find a local repairer. You can search by brand or location, or contact us via the app for a recommendation.



Available On IOS And Android


Never go searching for those car related documents again. Simply take a photo and they are all stored in one place, safely secured by a PIN number and they even remind you when it is about to expire.


My Car Centre is the complete solution for all your car related worries and most importantly helps you become mobile again after an accident in next to no time. If you are not at fault in the accident the replacement vehicles are provided at no upfront cost. On completion of repairs the bill is sent directly to the persons at fault insurer on your behalf.