How does it all work?


Having more than one accident during your lifetime is a rare experience. As a result most of us are unaware of how to manage this process effectively and well with the least amount of inconvenience to your daily life. At Compass we help over 4000 people a year to get back onto the road immediately after an accident. Our aim is to have you mobile again as soon as possible.

When dealing with us we like the customer experience to be smooth and efficient. Below is an outline of what to expect when utilising our services. For complete peace of mind please read these in conjunction with our FAQs.

Our Process

1. After your accident call us on 1300 135 485

Try and have as much information as you can to hand relating to the accident circumstances and the details of the third party. We need you to let us have details of the third party vehicle registration, the vehicle make and model, the insurance company and the insurance policy number together with your details and the name and address of any witnesses. The more information you have the quicker we can have you roadworthy.

2. Talk to our experts

We can usually establish who was to blame for the accident based on the description you provide. However, sometimes we may need to make some further enquiries to clarify the event. This can all take place within a matter of minutes. If you have any further information, such as photos, then providing them will always be useful. At this stage we can refer you to one of our preferred repairers. This will ensure your car is repaired to a standard that we are happy with and no corners will be cut with cost.

3. What happens after my call?

We will send you an information sheet which will require completing and sending back so we can recover the costs. Once our specialised team have approved your application you will receive an SMS and email to confirm. Our delivery team will then contact you to arrange a convenient time to drop off.

4. We provide you with a replacement vehicle, delivered to you

Where we are satisfied that another party was at fault for the accident, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle for the period that you are not able to use your vehicle. This rental is provided to you on credit and then recovered from the insurer of the “at fault” third party on your behalf. The vehicle will be delivered at a time and location convenient for you. This could be home, work or the smash repairer when you drop your vehicle off. If your car is not roadworthy we will try and have you back in a vehicle on the same day as you contact us.

5. We monitor your vehicle repairs

We regularly assess the progress of repairs to your vehicle and update you on a regular basis. We can only keep you in the vehicle for the duration of the repairs as we have to keep your costs to a minimum. This is called mitigating your loss.

6. You collect your repaired vehicle

Once repairs to your vehicle are complete, we will contact you to arrange a time for you to collect your vehicle. More often than not you will be able to drop your vehicle back at the repairers when you collect yours. Please note you cannot keep our vehicle for any longer than the repairs should have taken. If there are delays in repairs which we do not believe we can recover on we may have to take you out of the replacement car early. It is therefore essential that you ask the repairer to repair your vehicles as quickly as possible.

7. Once you have your vehicle back

We will send the insurer of the “at fault” the rental invoice for the car you hired on your behalf. At all times we will keep you updated of our progress and let you know when we have recovered your rental bill. Don’t be inconvenienced today. Call us and see how easy it really is.

MTA approved      VACC approved      JLR Preferred