Been in an accident?

We take the stress out of car repairs if the accident was not your fault


Accidents happen, and unfortunately when they do, it can be confusing as to what you need to do next. That’s when you turn to Compass Claims. We provide start-to-finish accident management services to drivers who’ve been involved in a car accident that was not their fault.

One call to our 24-hour response team, and we’ll take care of the rest – from car repair assessment, to providing a like-for-like* replacement vehicle, and recovering costs from the other driver’s insurance company, without you having to pay anything up front.

We’re not employed by insurance companies or repair shops, so you can be sure that our advice is totally independent, and everything we do is suited to your needs.


How it works

  1. • Firstly, call 1300 135 485 and speak to one of our trained case managers who’ll record details of the accident, provide independent advice, and answer any questions you may have.
  2. • We then ask you about the accident and advise you whether we can recover the costs of the replacement vehicle from the negligent party.
  3. • If we can, then we’ll immediately start organising a suitable temporary replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired. If your vehicle is deemed to be a total loss or “write off”, we’ll let you know how long you can use the replacement vehicle.

The cost of the replacement vehicle is recovered from the insurer of the at-fault party, by us on your behalf.

  1. • If your vehicle is not legally roadworthy or driveable (for example a tail light has been smashed) then we can deliver a replacement vehicle to you – usually within the same working day.

If you are still able to legally drive your vehicle, then we can arrange to deliver a vehicle at the same time that yours goes in for repairs.

  1. • We can help you choose the right repairer. You do not need to use your insurer’s preferred repairer. We provide a choice of repairer; ensuring repairs are carried out in a timely manner.
  2. • While your vehicle is being repaired, we liaise with everyone involved in settling your claim, to ensure you’re back in your own vehicle as soon as possible. This may include talking to witnesses, insurers, repairers, and the third party. If legal advice is required then we can point you in the direction of a firm from our panel of trusted solicitors.
  3. • If you need, we can also help you claim for any uninsured losses, including insurance policy excess, hire charges and loss of earnings.
  4. • We will also keep you updated on the progress of repairs to your car, advise you of any delays, and of course tell you when your car is ready.


At-fault accidents

Even if we can’t help you out with a replacement vehicle due to the circumstances of your accident, we can still provide you with a list of trusted repairers, and refer you to our associate business, 1car1 Car & Van Rental, which offers excellent rates on car hire while yours is being repaired.


What’s more, if your insurance policy covers you for a replacement vehicle, they can bill your insurer direct.



Personal Injury

If someone is injured in the accident and is looking to claim damages, Compass Claims can help you find quick and straightforward advice.

Our expert panel of highly trained solicitors specialise in road traffic accident claims, so from the moment you call us, you know you’re in expert hands, with our claims handlers working hard to ensure you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to.


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